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OpenID Issue: Yadis error

Name: Yadis error
ID: 10
Project: OpenID
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL: http://1url.me/test.cfm
Creator: Tim Garver
Created: 06/28/12 7:23 AM
Updated: 07/10/12 10:01 PM
Description: ColdFusion is unable to process the result of the XPath search. You may have an undefined variable in the xpath expression.
Message: Unable to process the result of the XMLSearch for Unexpected colon at start of token.

Error on line 311 of yadis.cfc
Unexpected colon at start of token

History: Created by tgarver (Tim Garver) : 06/28/12 7:23 AM

Comment by tgarver (Tim Garver) : 06/28/12 7:28 AM
The first error I got was in the httpClient.cfc at line 76 http error 400 bad request. which is the proxy http call.
Since I am not using a proxy, I have commented out the lines at the top so it only calls the regular http call. Not sure why it was trying to use the proxy anyway. I did not pass in any proxy info on init() but it was still trying to use it and failing with the 400.

Anyway, I got it to go a little further now and get an error in yadis. strange thing is all this worked on a different server, then i upgraded to CF 10 and it all stopped working. so I updated this code library and now more errors.. grrr

Updated by dyakhnov (Dmitry Yakhnov) : 07/10/12 10:01 PM

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