OpenID Server CFC

Soon first draft of OpenID Server CFC (for signle user) will be released.

Avi Flax's Gravatar Any update on when we might see this cfc? Thanks!
# Posted By Avi Flax | 2/27/07 10:45 AM
Dmitry Yakhnov's Gravatar Will try to release it this weekend. Good to hear that someone is looking for it :)
# Posted By Dmitry Yakhnov | 2/27/07 6:58 PM
Avi Flax's Gravatar Excellent, thanks!
# Posted By Avi Flax | 2/28/07 10:10 AM
Adam Fortuna's Gravatar Hmm, looks like the link for the consumer is down right now, but the server works.
# Posted By Adam Fortuna | 3/14/07 8:25 PM
Avi Flax's Gravatar Cool, I'll check it out - thanks!
# Posted By Avi Flax | 3/14/07 9:44 PM
Dmitry Yakhnov's Gravatar (Adam):
Yeap, there was a broken link to Consumer archive, now all fixed.
Thanks for this information!
# Posted By Dmitry Yakhnov | 3/14/07 10:15 PM
Brian Meloche's Gravatar Is OpenID Server CFC compatible with V2.0? If not, how much work would be entailed to make it compatible?
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 4/12/11 2:10 PM
Dmitry Yakhnov's Gravatar @Brian No, it has only version 1.0 support, no plans to upgrade, sorry!
# Posted By Dmitry Yakhnov | 4/12/11 8:15 PM
Brian Meloche's Gravatar Thanks for responding. Do you know what would be involved in upgrading it to V2.0? I have a requirement for that in an upcoming project.
# Posted By Brian Meloche | 4/12/11 9:08 PM
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