OpenIDConsumer v.2.0

Kudos to Richard Davies, who has solely developed second version of OpenID consumer library which now supports OpenID 2.0 and works on top of old version (means upgrade changes are minimal).

OpenIDConsumer CFC v.0.2

New version (0.2) of consumer library for OpenID auth framework has been released tonight. This version has completely new structure, more transparent and easy to understand logic. Both 'smart' and 'dumb' modes are supported, few internal comments added.

OpenID CFC Updates

It looks like I have forgotten to update this blog with recent information on OpenID CFC development progress :)

First of all, OpenID CFC Server library has been released in March. It requires MySQL database to store users' information, current sessions and trusted servers list.

At second, OpenID CFC Consumer library was updated to be thread-safe and now includes another example of library use to prevent reply attacks.

TODO list includes:

  • Thread-safe fixes for Server library;
  • "Smart" mode for Consumer library.

OpenID Server CFC

Soon first draft of OpenID Server CFC (for signle user) will be released.

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